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Elizabeth Couse (ec632), Mitchell Lee (mal364)

  • Run and facilitator general body meetings

  • Find new ways to enact sustainability on campus whether it’s through a campaign, collaboration or resolution writing.

ECO/CSO Liaison

Cynthia Chu (cc2394) 

  • Active Liaison between the Campus Sustainability Office, ECO, and environmental student organizations.

  • Coordinate campus-wide sustainability events for graduate and undergrads.

  • Analyze impact and effectiveness of student engagement efforts to inform goal setting and on-going planning.


ECO's six committees work to further our mission and help create a more connected, sustainable future for environmental..


VP of Events: Martha Williams (mdw223)

Objective: “overseeing community-building initiatives to raise Cornell’s collective environmental awareness, and to increase the effectiveness of existing events.”

Committee members are involved in event planning, logistics, creative ideation,
reserving locations, contacting faculty, staff and other student organizations.



VP of EJ: Julie Kapuvari (jkk87)

Objective: “Partnering with both member and non-member organizations to amplify the voices of marginalized communities impacted by environmental issues, such as climate change, through the organization of various educational events, initiatives, and actions”

Committee members are involved in topic selection, event planning, outreach, group dialogue facilitation, and working with identity-based organizations such as CAPSU, BSU, MEChA 



VP of Community Development: Sean McCarthy (ssm274)

Objective: “Work with the delegates and ECO members to bring the environmental sustainability community closer as well as the overall Cornell community.”

Committee members are involved in communicating with delegates and other orgs both inside and outside the collaborative, providing help with their initiatives and helping to plan delegate meetings and G-body meetings.


VP of Finance: Colton Poore (clp222)

Objective: “oversee all financial well-being, transactions and obligations and assist administrative tasks.”

Committee members would be involved in structuring byline funding rules and categories, managing co-sponsorship fund applications, holding office hours to address questions, comparing actual expense and receipts at the end of the year.


VP of Communications: Emma Hoarty (egh58)

Objective: “Empower the Cornell community to care about the environment through stories about what we do”

Committee members would be involved in publicizing events, and creating social media marketing strategy and content.


VP of Branding: Mii Darakananda (pd279)

Objective: " To support the other committees by standardizing a communication system, and to create useful, effective resource materials for the Cornell community"

Committee members will be curating ECO’s brand experience and designing and maintaining website and designing cool graphic pieces.


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