Elizabeth Couse

Position: Co-Facilitator

Year: Class of 2019

Major: International Agriculture & Rural Development (minors in Community Food Systems and Education)

Hobbies: Farming, food, fun! Creating... photography, painting, writing, anything outdoors- hiking, running, swimming! Travel!

Other on-campus activities: Cornell Vegan Society

Favorite spot in Ithaca: The Farmer's market :) or buttermilk or potters falls or the youth farm project! Too many places :)

Fun fact: I have travelled to 10 countries in this past year!


Mitchell Lee

Position: Co-Facilitator

Year/Major: Class of 2019, Biology and Government Double major

Hobbies: Reading, Skiing, Hiking, Tree Climbing

Other on-campus activities: Arts and Science Ambassador, COE Instructor

Favorite food: Ramen

Favorite study spot on campus: 11th floor of Bradfield Hall

Favorite spot in general on campus: Top of the Slope

Favorite spot in Ithaca: Stewart Park

Fun fact about yourself: I have a twin sister


Cynthia Chu

Position: ECO/CSO Liaison

Year/Major: Class of 2020, Environmental Engineering, minor in ESS

Hobbies: crafting, ice skating, kayaking, making impulsive decisions, talking to strangers

Other on-campus activities: Spark Product and Industrial Design, Club Rowing, TA for BEE 2510

Favorite artist: ABBA

Favorite study spot on campus: Olin Library 1st floor

Favorite spot in general on campus: the slope or Duffield Atrium

Favorite spot in Ithaca: Treman & all of the gorges

Fun fact: I have two lockers on campus


Martha Williams

Position: VP of Events

Year/Major: 2020, Plant Sciences concentration in Ecology of Managed Landscapes

Hobbies: gardening, sketching, singing, writing stories, hiking, dabbling on the piano, writing songs, watching movies any chance I get, plotting social change (that's can be considered a hobby, right?). I sound more creative than I am.

Sustainable-living tip: A panelist at a Cornell sustainability summit once suggested to use a handkerchief to dry one's hands after washing them when out. It's a good tip. So from her to me to you: a handkerchief is a friend

Favorite spot in general on campus: The garden behind A.D White House

Fun fact: I love movies so I try to watch at least one new one every week.


Sean McCarthy

Position: VP of Community Development

Year/Major: 2020, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, Development Sociology

Hobbies: Sleeping, hiking, reading, cooking

Other on-campus activities: Nordic Ski Club, Epsilon Eta

Sustainable-living tip: If you eat eggs, buy the ones sold in cardboard cartons so that they are recyclable.

Favorite food: Spring rolls (the actual ones, not the American copycat versions)

Favorite study spot on campus: Mann Library 2nd floor

Favorite spot in Ithaca: The gorges by Ezra's Tunnel

Fun fact about yourself: I have eaten 9 whole spring rolls in 5 minutes. I have also made dumplings for 8 hours straight.


Emma Hoarty

Position: VP of Communications

Year/Major: Environmental and Sustainability Sciences '19

Hobbies: hiking with my dog, watching Chopped and cooking

Other on-campus involvements: Cornell Daily Sun Photo Staff, CALS Ambassadors Steering Committee, CALS Alumni Association

Sustainable Living Tip: Clean out used sauce jars or food containers to reuse instead of buying tupperwear!

Favorite food: instant ramen - soy sauce flavor

Favorite study spot on campus: Formerly collegetown ehub (RIP)

Favorite place on campus: The terrace salad line when it's empty

Fun fact: I can whistle but it sounds like a bird


Julie Kapuvari

Position: VP of Environmental Justice

Year/Major: Senior, ESS

Hobbies: Drums, Beekeeping

Other on-campus activities: Marching Band Drumline, Climate Justice Cornell

Sustainable-living tip: be a "Reducitarian!" (reduce your meat and dairy consumption) and carry around a reusable coffee mug and water bottle in your backpack!

Favorite song/artist: The Press Corpse by Anti-Flag

Favorite study spot on campus: Mann Library - 3rd floor "Entomology Library"

Favorite spot in general on campus: The mini waterfall next to AD White Library

Favorite spot in Ithaca: Buttermilk Falls

Fun fact about yourself: I can make my tongue do the worm

Mii Darakananda

Position: Branding Director

Year/Major: Hotel Administration, 2019

Hometown: Chonburi, Thailand

Hobbies: Watching TV shows/movies, hiking

Other on-campus activities: Going to the Farmer’s Market

Sustainable-living tip: Bring a duffle grocery shopping

Favorite song/artist: at the moment it’s LAUV

Favorite study spot on campus: café jenny’s

Favorite spot in general on campus: Ho Plaza

Favorite spot in Ithaca: Cascadilla Gorges

Fun fact: I collect pins!


Colton Poore

Position: VP of Finance

Year/Major:Biology and English, 2020

Hobbies: Reading, writing, hiking, tennis

Other on-campus activities: Biology Student Advising, Cornell Daily Sun, Arts and Science Ambassadors, Gandolfo-Nixon Research Lab

Sustainable-living tip: Buy your own set of reusable silverware to bring with you.

Favorite food: Fish tacos
Favorite song/artist: Not About Love/Fiona Apple

Favorite study spot on campus: Mann Library 3rd Floor

Favorite spot in general on campus: Goldwin Smith Hall

Favorite spot in Ithaca: Cornell Botanic Gardens

Fun fact: I can translate Old Norse.